A woman’s neckline is one of the most feminine and alluring parts of her body.

That being said, it never hurts to create a sense of mystery. Enter: Turtlenecks.

With Winter on the horizon, we've found ourselves falling in love with this high-necked silhouette all over again.





For a bit of wardrobe variety, don’t be afraid to choose white. This is a basic and versatile color that adds depth to timeless looks.

Left: Creem Magazine featuring the Colorado String Body in White (Photographer & stylist: Amelie Rehm)
Below: The Colorado String Body in white as seen in VOGUE Germany

Iconic Piece: You can use your black turtleneck as the centerpiece of an elegant monochromatic look, or pair it with almost any other color.

On the left: The Colorado Body featured in LINDAnieuws April 2017 issue.