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  • Filigra Lace Stockings

    Filigra Lace Stockings

    49,00 €

  • Nola Stay-Up

    Nola Stay-Up

    43,00 €

  • Cam Stay-Up

    Cam Stay-Up

    43,00 €

  • Nola Tights

    Nola Tights

    39,00 €

  • Noa Tights

    Noa Tights

    39,00 €

  • Jes Leggings

    Jes Leggings

    39,00 €

  • Sina Tights

    Sina Tights

    35,00 €

  • Nola Socks

    Nola Socks

    17,00 €

  • Jes Socks

    Jes Socks

    17,00 €


Buy your high quality hosiery online

Female legs in sheer, seductive stockings are still considered irresistible today. Wolford offers tights, stay-ups and leggings in fascinating colors and styles , high-quality materials and outstanding quality. The perfect fit and the exceptionally high comfort are just two of the criteria that make the Wolford hosiery collection so irresistible . Our selection ranges from classic tights for women to patterned tights, net-variations to stay-ups, knee-highs and socks .

Timeless and beautiful designs , quality materials and excellent workmanship make Wolford stockings an indispensable every day companion . Adapted to the seasons, at Wolford you will find ultra-transparent, transparent and mesh tights as well as toeless tights which are particularly suitable for warmer months; but also a cozy warm feeling for cooler temperatures with semi-transparent, opaque tights with natural fibers (silk, wool, cotton).